Prayer – small groups of church members meet regularly for prayer. If you have anything that you would like us to pray for, please let us know by emailing so that your prayer request can be included


All those in need of God’s healing power in their lives.



Prayer Diary for July

  1. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, the Lord surrounds his people now and for ever more. (Psalm 125:2)
  2. Pray for those who work and serve the Lord in Canterbury Cathedral.
  3. Please pray for all priests ministering in their parishes, that they may be blessed and a blessing to others.
  4. Pray for all those being Licensed as Readers in Canterbury Cathedral this year, especially praying for our two Readers David and Gordon.
  5. Pray for the work of those listed on the church rotas, i.e. the sides-persons, coffee makers and communion assistants, flower arrangers and those who help with AV.
  6. Today pray for the Friendship Circle, for good fellowship and making new friends. Pray as well for David, Paul and Sue, who give their time leading.
  7. During this month, pray for support for all those taking part in fun runs, and other activities that raise funds for charities.
  8. Give thanks to the Lord for all who live in the Quarries and Bottlescrew Hill.
  9. Pray today for Valerie Taylor’s return to full health and the staff and patients and the C.R.P. in Bangladesh.
  10. Ask God’s blessing on those who live on Heath Road, Hubbards Lane and Roy Hood Court.
  11. Today we will pray for the work of the New Hope Centre in Swaziland.
  12. Let us pray for the General Synod of the Church of England, especially the House of Bishops and the decisions they need to make.
  13. Pray for our Vicar Phil, his wife Sandra and their family. Pray also for vision and clear direction for the new work in Park Wood.
  14. We also pray for our assistant ministers Yvonne and Alan and their families, giving thanks for all the work they faithfully carry out
  1. Pray for those representing the church at the Kent County Show.
  2. Let us pray for our world, that God may continue to bless us with all good things.
  3. Pray for those living in Green Lane, Meadow View Road and Lewis Court Drive.
  4. Pray for those who are guiding visitors around St. Peter’s and for all who are touched by God as they visit our beautiful church.
  5. Give the burden of your heart to the Lord in prayer.
  6. Pray for those living in Boughton Bottom and the outlying areas of our parish.
  7. Ask the Lord for God’s healing touch on those who are sick and are facing hardship.
  8. Pray for all bellringers as they joyfully call us to worship.
  9. Please pray for those who mourn, that they may be comforted.
  10. Today, pray for all living in the new housing around the village, especially for those moving
  11. into the new estates. 25 Pray for those going through troubled times.
  12. For those who work with children and young people in summer holiday clubs.
  13. Today pray for the music groups at St. Peter’s and Junction, that they may be blessed as they lead us in worship.
  14. Pray for those who live in Boughton Green, Church Street and Church Hill.
  15. Pray for all students and teachers breaking up for the summer holidays. May they be refreshed and guided in new directions. 30 Pray for all who travel to St.
  16. Peter’s to worship from outside the village.
  17. Thank the Lord and rejoice in all things bright and beautiful